5 Reasons why Choose a Private Villa

Right now, the vacation rental industry is going through a boom that projects to get only bigger and better. Luxury private villas are the most dynamic segment of that industry and the main reason for that boom. But why private villas have become so attractive for today’s travelers? Here are some reasons why private villas are better than hotels:

• Privacy
No matter how luxurious a hotel is, you will always be sharing its facilities with lots of strangers. A private villa usually comes with a private pool just for yourself and your people. No more uncomfortable scenes while wearing a bikini. In a villa you can feel at home, use every facility at any time you want without having to wait for your turn. In a villa, you can be yourself and nobody will bother you. There is a reason celebrities love private villas.

• Price
It just doesn’t matter how luxurious a private villa is, it will still offer a better deal than most hotels. A villa price comes together as a whole, you won’t get charged by rooms used or by meals eaten. Of course, it’s better if you fill as many rooms as possible, as the cost gets spread among more people. But comparing the price of an upscale resort for say 3 nights and at least 3 rooms, plus meals, with the price of a luxury villa for 6 people, will always be favorable to the villa deal. And as more people you include in the villa package, the cheaper it gets.

• Meals
Have you ever been in an all-inclusive resort where facilities and nature are just amazing, but the food is simply ordinary? That’s the name of the game for all inclusive hotels, even though nowadays they try hard to call themselves with some ridiculous euphemism like ‘endless privileges’ or ‘gourmet program’. Whenever you have a large kitchen cooking massive amounts of food for lots of guests, the quality of the food served can’t be the same as the one served at a private dinner for 8 people. Private villas provide private Chefs, who know the area and get fresh ingredients specifically selected according to their guest’s tastes.

• Service
Private villas usually come with Chef, maid, chauffeur and a handyman/concierge/butler (the guy who knows a guy and gets everything guests may need). You get a staff of 3 to 4 people to cater to the needs of your group of 8 to 10. That’s a rate of nearly 1 staff person per 2 guests. Now, think about how’s that rate going to most hotels and you’ll understand why private rentals are in a worldwide boom. The level of personalized service available at private villas is something that hotels just can’t compete with.

• Luxury
Private villas these days provide stunning luxury facilities and amenities. From ocean-looking infinity pools to all kinds of tech gadgets, or from upscale outdoor BBQ sets or Jacuzzis to top-notch brands of toiletries, villas offer an individualized kind of luxury unavailable at large hotels. Each villa is unique, with a distinctive style and a personality of its own. Hotels just can’t provide that individualized kind of experience.

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