Luxury Seaside villa

Luxury Seaside

Our luxury and traditional villa and suites is a real pure and authentic mansions! Stone, wood, art, true colors, unique architecture with impeccable finishing and artistic design and inspired by the ancient Greek spirit that is remarkable and will be memorable to you for ever! Our villa and suites will be your own home for a little while... The home of your untold dreams! Get the experience to embrace the Aegean Sea which is located just behind the magnificent Santorini's caldera and mythical volcano as well, which keeps deep inside the secret of the lost Atlantis!

With sensitivity and respectful to the nature and any human beiing, with supreme knowledge of hospitality and travel services, as a certified Chef from the distinguished "Le Monde" School, and as a former executive crew at the popular Celestial Cruises Company, I'm always at your disposal in order to offer you high-class hospitality services.

Our villa's neighborhood is your vacation paradise! It's a peacful area, surrounded by private villas and cottages, just next to Aegean Sea and with a magnificent view to Ios and Anafi islands. Our residence is only just few minutes distance from the hot Island' sightseeing spots, beaches and points of interest. For your transfer you may reach our villa either with your car / motorcycle or alternativelly by requesting a transfer service from some of our partners, after a short communication with us.






Luxury Seaside Villa

Facilities of Starlight Luxury Seaside Villa & Suites

Swimming Pool
Airport shuttle
Free parking

Luxury Seaside villa